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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live overseas?

The problem is that you don’t know where to start. You haven’t found somewhere that has all of the information you need. Well, now you do!

Move Your Life Abroad was created for the sole purpose of helping you move overseas.

Whether you only want to move abroad for a few weeks, months, years or wish to relocate abroad permanently, this website can help you.

I can’t wait for you to start looking through the website and realise that moving abroad is a lot easier than you thought.


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Meet Lewi Blake

Hey! I’m Lewi, an Aussie traveller who has been travelling and living abroad for more than 7 years!

I first moved abroad in 2011 when I moved to France. I was only meant to go for 6 months but I ended up staying for 4 years!

In fact, I’m still living abroad to this day. Only now I’m living in Thailand.

No, I’m not rich. In fact, I had less than $500 when I moved to France in 2011 and I made it work.

So if a broke 18 year old, straight out of high school can manage to move abroad, then you can too!

My Journey

In December 2009, I left Australia to go on a high school exchange program in Bordeaux, France that would last for 6 weeks. The idea was to improve my almost non-existent level of French, return home, pass my french exams 1 year later and enrol into a respected University.

Little did I know how much those 6 weeks would change the course of my life.

During my exchange, I stayed with an incredible french family, went snowboarding in the Alps, attended the local high school, fell in love with a french girl…the list goes on. It was such a life changing experience that I didn’t want to go home.

In fact, as soon as I returned home to start my final year of high school, I was already looking for ways to travel again. Incredibly, I won $2500 playing online poker (I’m not very good) and returned during the next school holidays.

After another amazing experience abroad, this time going to France and Spain during summer, I was hooked!

I knew that I wanted to continue travelling but wanted to do so long-term.

Upon returning to Australia, I decided that I would take a GAP year and spend a year in France learning how to speak French.

At the end of my GAP year in Bordeaux in 2011, I was once again looking for ways to extend my time in France, so I enrolled into a French Business School in Paris that I would attend once my year in Bordeaux was over.

In 2012, I spent a year in Paris, riding my bicycle past the Eiffel tower everyday on the way to University, learning about a new culture (Parisians are different to other French people) and taking university classes in both French and English. It was amazing!

In 2013, I moved to London for a semester of University and learned why English people are always complaining about the weather. It was freezing!

Later that year I changed Universities so that I could move to Monaco. I lived in Nice, France (because Monaco is expensive) and rode my motorbike to University in Monaco everyday along the French Riviera. It was nothing short of spectacular.

I had such a great time that I decided to stay for 2 years and finish my University degree over there.

The Story's Not Over

After 4 amazing years living overseas, I moved back to Australia to find a Business related job. It wasn’t meant to be and my passion for travel and living in new and exciting countries prevailed.

Since then I’ve lived in Bali, Thailand, Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru where I was able to learn Spanish and ride my bicycle across South America.

YES, you can do the same thing. That is why I created this website. I’m here to help you every step of the way!

Do You Have Any Questions?

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